Total Web Hosting Type

Earlier we talked about hosting, what is web hosting if you do not know about hosting? I can read the post. So let’s talk about the types and what of web hosting.

Free Hosting:
There are some hosting companies that will allow you to use hosting for free. But there are some limitations such as Bandwidth / Monthly Traffic are very low. Safety is not strong. Can’t find any domain name

Shared Hosting:
This hosting is the most popular and trendy. Shared hosting is all the hosting we are using or the hosting providers usually offer. A self-fulfilling server for a professional or a larger site requires a certain amount of service. It can be quite expensive to bring all these benefits to your own server. Shared Hosting is perfect for them. This server’s security is low because there are many Client sites (starting from 1 to higher) all at once. Besides, unlimited databases, emails, bandwidth will not be available, all are limited. If you are hosting a very good hosting provider, you can get the highest possible benefits in shared hosting packages.

Reseller Hosting:
This hosting is basically a virtual hosting account created to let you buy and sell some things to your space. Usually, the hosting tools Reseller offers companies to make it easy for you to present yourself as a “hosting company,” with the online system to set up and manage each client’s account on the server, your own name, your bill client, and it is you who really hosts them. Appear either.

Dedicated Hosting:
This hosting requires a dedicated server. It’s too expensive. If your website is too big and needs strong security then this hosting is a must. Here you will find your spending hardware. The busier the site, the more powerful hardware will be needed. This is Type 2 Hosting

Managed Hosting:
Hosting providers will provide all the security such as security, server setup, network configuration, installation of any software, etc. They will have to pay a certain amount.

Unmanaged Hosting:
If you are a server administrator, that is, if you can do all the work on your own web server then this will be Unmanaged Hosting. This will save you a lot of money. Learn to manage a server. There are thousands of tutorials on the web if you want to learn how to run your own work.

VPS or VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting:
VPS hosting is the middle of shared and dedicated hosting. All hardware resources on a dedicated server will be passed to you alone and your site will be on one server. And on your shared hosting site, you will have thousands of more sites. The details are above. VPS hosting usually involves a dedicated server shared by a few. For example, a server with 5GB of RAM gave you 5GB and the rest would be given to 5 others, thus sharing/limiting all resources. Just like a dedicated server, any software can be installed on its own. Usually, you will get such a hosting package when you do not need all the resources of a dedicated server, then work is also save some money.