What is Web Hosting?

Most people know what a domain is, but many do not understand what hosting is. And if you don’t understand what a domain is, what is a domain name? Read the post. If you buy a domain you must buy hosting for it. You bought a domain, you bought a place on the Internet, now you have to put your domain online 24/7. This is what your hosting company needs. A website is one of the most popular and easy ways to convey information to others. Today’s computer users only know about the website. Simply put, a website is a way of presenting your information to others – be it text or multimedia (eg images, audio or video). It is the job of a web developer to bring them up nicely on the website. And your website is known as web hosting to make it visible to others.

If your website is compared to your organization’s office building, its information or content will be its furniture. And developing a website can be compared to building a home. In that case, website hosting can be compared to buying a place for your office building and building a home there. Visitors will have the opportunity to use the website. The site that a web site will cover is the hosting of that site. We see that any web site is made up of some text and multimedia (Picture / Video). The site or BIT that these groups occupy is called hosting the site. But best of all, domain and hosting can be explained by example.

For example:
=> You have a home.
=> The house is on 5 acres of land.
=> The home address is any address.
=> In the case of the website, the content of your site at home
=> Homeland is the hosting of your web site
=> The home address is the domain of the web site


There are different hosting companies that are hosting the site. You can buy whichever hosting package you like.
There are several types of hosting: Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Virtual Private Server, etc.
Insha Allah will discuss the details very soon.