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Total Web Hosting Type

Earlier we talked about hosting, what is web hosting if you do not know about hosting? I can read the post. So let’s talk about the types and what of web hosting. Free Hosting: There are some hosting companies that will allow you to use hosting for free. But there...

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What is Web Hosting?

Most people know what a domain is, but many do not understand what hosting is. And if you don’t understand what a domain is, what is a domain name? Read the post. If you buy a domain you must buy hosting for it. You bought a domain, you bought a...

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What is Domain Name?

A domain name usually refers to the name of a website. A domain name client allows a computer to connect to a web server. A domain name system controls everything related to a domain name. Purpose: Each website has a specific IP address. But remembering a website with IP is...

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