Digital Marketing Service

As a brand, ModinaIT represents a full-service agency that lies at the confluence of old-school branding principles and new-age solutions. An agency that is simultaneously creative and media-driven, and builds digital capabilities to match diverse business needs and create a visible and lasting impact.

Social Media Marketing
Social media is here to stay and studies prove it. Almost 80% of b2b companies generate leads through Facebook marketing. More than 72% of business owners report successfully using social media to promote greater brand awareness. That’s not it; social media offers a higher conversion rate than other marketing channels. With SMM, we create, nurture and promote your social media presence.

Digital Marketing Solution
Digital marketing is a magic wand that can spur your online presence. A luminous, we wield that wand like no other. Do you want full-fledged top digital marketing solutions? Or custom plans that focus only on social media marketing or PPC campaigns? Or only standalone services instead of the full bouquet? Whatever you need, we are only a phone call or email away.

Search Engine Optimization
The only way to increase business is by getting more quality traffic to your website. And one time-tested source of good quality traffic is the search engine. A high rank on Google, Bing or Yahoo drives a lot of visitor traffic to your website. However, converting those visitors into paying customers is what increases your business. Our SEO strategy, as such, is focused on two objectives – More Traffic & Higher Conversion.